1. Training, teaching and learning activity in Buttenheim/Germany


       1. Reflection on early childhood mathematics in the preschool institutions of the partner countries

       2. Transition kindergarten/school in Germany in class (teaching/jobshadowing)

           - Structure of the number space

           - Quantity understanding

           - spatial imagination

       3. Presentation of textbooks, work equipment and illustrative material in Germany

          - Exchange of curricula

          - Computer room (equipment, learning software, interactive whiteboards in the classroom)

          - Presentation of the Internet learning programs Learning Workshop and Mathepirat

          - Mathematics - Presentation of the SINUS program in primary schools

      4. Planning, construction, equipment and financing of a mathematics learning workshop

         - Principles of learning workshop teaching

      5. Focus topic: Discovering-research learning in geometry lessons (teaching/jobshadowing)

   -      Material-guided geometry lessons in a learning workshop

   -      Tasks from the life of the students

   -      Geometry lessons and logical thinking (SINUS program)

   -      Testing the prepared learning materials in the classroom

   -      Evaluation of teaching and learning materials

   -     Geometry  of teaching and learning materials

   -      Geometry in the online learning platforms

 6. Visit to the mathematical learning workshop of the University of Bamberg

    (further contents: presentation of the host countries in the classroom, visits in the classroom,           

    translation of instructions on the learning materials)

7. Cultural sightseeing program

       8. Mindmap: Parameters in mathematics lessons for the next mobility in Krakow

       9. Intercultural Meeting


The schoolhouse

English lesson 1

Crafting geoboards

Symmetry on the geoboard

Mathematical solids in everyday life

Repetition of the geometry material with staple cards

Geometry with pentominoes

Tangram 1

Tangram 2


eTwinning workshop

Teachers reports and discussions