2. Training, teaching and learning activity in Krakow/Poland

1. Reflection on early childhood mathematics in the preschool institutions of the partner countries (Part 2)

2. Transition kindergarten/school in Poland in the classroom

3. Presentation of textbooks, work equipment and illustrative material in Poland

4. Focus topic: Structure of the number space and mathematical quantity understanding

   - Material-guided mathematics lessons for building the number space

   - Structure of the number space

   - Quantity understanding

   - Dealing with numbers in everyday life

   - Structure of the number space and logical thinking

   - Testing of prepared learning materials in teaching practice

   - Evaluation of teaching and tested learning materials

   - Building the number space in the online learning platforms

5. Learning basic mathematical skills in comparison

6. Mathematics in physical education

7. Design of a mathematics room and archiving of learning materials

8. (further contents: presentation of the host countries in the classroom, visits in the classroom, 

     translation of instructions on the learning materials,)

 9. Cultural sightseeing program, intercultural meeting


The schoolhouse

Number range up to 20

Number range up to 100

Mathematics with the shaker box

Calculating the area content

Number range up to 100000 - treasure box

Number range up to 10000

Physical-chemical experiment: Lava lamp

English lesson 1

English lesson 2

English lesson 3

Programming a mini robot

Physical density: Sweet rainbow

Human skeleton

Teacher reports and discussions