3. Training, teaching and learning activity in Halkalı/Turkey

1. Transition kindergarten/school in Turkey in the classroom

    attendance at the preschool facility of the school

2. Presentation of textbooks, work equipment and illustrative material in Turkey                                              

3. Focus topic: Sizes in mathematics lessons (hollow dimensions, weights, money)

   - Material-guided teaching on mathematical variables

   - Testing of prepared learning materials in teaching practice

   - Evaluation of teaching and tested learning materials

   - Handling mathematical parameters in everyday life

   - Learning mathematics parameters in the „Room for daily life“

   - Mathematical quantities in combination with logical thinking

   - Mathematical parameters in online learning platforms

   - Tasks from the reality of life of the students

4. Supporting learning of mathematics through movement

5. Securing basic mathematical skills

     Online learning programmes in Turkey

6. Evaluation of the project meeting

7. Presentation of the partner schools and participants to school community

8. Cultural sightseeing program

9. Final celebration


Mathematics in the preschool - Numbers

Conversion of monetary amounts

Geometrical shapes

Length 1

Length 2

Length 3

Mathematics in experiments


Mathematics and technics

Period of time

Time of day

Distance of the planets

Measurement of liquids

Teachers reports and discussions

English lesson

Final ceremony